Who is the cSquared Man?

The cSquared Man is liberated or wants to feel liberated. The dream is to embody someone who is unconventional, dominates, and is karma-driven. Notably however, “c” is the variable in the Theory of Relativity which stands for light. Hence, it only makes sense that we should wear LIGHTwear.

Conscious and Amplifying since 2017

It is so imperative in being karma-driven to make smart decisions in the closet. This Spring 2022, marked a wonderful opportunity to see how I have stuck to my principles over the years. Read more

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What sets apart a pair of cSquared undies?

cSquared is making them. Hi, my name is Christian and I am inspired by the leadership of those who know we can shape shift and decorate our bodies just like other males in nature. The men’s collection is not androgynous. My styles are taken from ancient influences whether it be the Ribbed-knit jock strap, which emulates King Tut’s Loin Cloth with string attached to it, and all kinds of “boxers” and “briefs” were worn since Roman times. Anatomy has shaped the fit, but if you do not find something that has the right fit, shoot me an email. Christian Crawford Design, LLC is a Kansas City based company–garments are sold by yours truly.