Polyester is great—don’t get me wrong. It is great when I put on my polyester boiler outfit to give my dog a bath or when I need stretch in my knitwear. However if I have one tip, cut out your polyester tags (WITH A SEAM RIPPER!) I can’t stand an itchy tag that isn’t sewn all the way down. I mean, think about when you are focused into your work, and then you have that little pain in your neck. If you still like the tag on your garment; however, use silk or mercerized cotton. The thread is strong, so I justify the small purchase—plus you can use fun colors, too. I like to use a royal blue silk thread, personally.

Otherwise, polyester has a lot of great potential in the upcoming years. This year, lawmakers substantially increased the budget for Kevlar production. We might see the clever use of synthetic materials in our daily wear, or perhaps the wear for the next generation. (Perhaps this will outlast previous European fads like Gortex).

Finally, look at how designers are using polyester. I can still picture the shade of blue that Marc Jacobs and company produced in a woven polyester. Literally dollars a yard, but so much potential. From a constructions standpoint, it is hard to find a cheap mid to heavyweight fabric that has color! Recently, I started using a bold shade of red for some of my more experimental designs where I am trying to demonstrate the use of monochrome for a certain look. So that is the color of the day—chili pepper red. Even if it came from a woven polyester I pretty much was given for free, it has led to a lot of inspiration for my garments.

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