Notes from the Scientists

It is with great pleasure that we are seeing a century’s anniversary of the Theory of Quantum physics established in the 1920’s. Working on topics others might have said are useless or meaningless to them have led to the explosion of information and the ability to connect each other in unimaginable ways, reflecting much of our current social, political, and economic situation.

As many know, Gov. Laura Kelly released Executive order no. 20-22 two days ago, which describes much of the social and political situations reflecting both the KC metro area and rural areas throughout the state of Kansas. The tone of recent discussions transcends the implementation of science and exploration. Many questions have arisen around medical products, testing, and development of smart systems that will remain resilient despite a crisis. This includes talks around swabs used in the molecular testing for COVID-19. Whereas the current PCR platforms, which may be developed in house and have gone through Emergency Use Authorization through the FDA possess limitations, which have been heavily exploited with shortages of supplies. This is a call to chemists. The shortages in reagents are due to the availability of materials to make the necessary dilutions so that testing personnel covered under 42 CFR 493.1489 are able to perform their work, given their allotted time at work with their tumultuous workloads. Also, typical swabs possess inhibitors to the PCR process. Calcium alginate and wood typically deactivate the nucleic acids available for detection on thermal amplification. So, 3D printing is being utilized to produce the medical products needed for COVID-19 testing via real time PCR.

It is with much admiration of individuals who are not afraid to pursue exploration of the frontier of science and discovery. Currently, our economy rests on it. The storage and retrieval of digital information has been vital to the current effects of local government in the State of Kansas. I can picture a more globalized view to be expected by communities as we are encouraged to Stay Home. Implementation of new business ideas like mobile delivery that has been utilized successfully in other nations like South Korea (배달) may strengthen local economies by reducing unemployment and alleviating the archaic systems in place.

Commend each other. Learn as much as you can. Today the color of the day is beige. The wonderful thing about beige (some colorists tell me) is that it contains all the colors. To my view, it looks so neutral, so colorless. It doesn’t make sense, and that is where the beauty lays.



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