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Earth Day

Earth day is approaching! Being conscious and morally responsible is a main goal and focus at Christian Crawford. In efforts to raise awareness for the deforestation of Beech trees, Christian Crawford will be planting fifteen Beech trees to mitigate the environmental damages in meeting consumer demands. In response to the effects on sustainability and supply chains, it is with great effort to express the following:

Polyester: Has its purposes for sure. I love elastic. I love versatility and usefulness. I love the ability to suit the needs of individuals backed with science and engineering. Recent legislature has increased production of certain types of polyester including Kevlar.

Viscose: Everyone who wears this (which is everyone) should understand the effects of deforestation to produce this product. The number of trees logged to produce this product would circle the world numerous times every year.

Cotton: An American staple for its breathability. Cotton is amazing for shirt making, comes in several different weaves, and it a favorite for the mass implementation in our country.

Linen: A favorite of mine, but I wish we had more of it readily available. Perhaps our country does not have the right seasonal patterns to produce this in high quantities, this natural fiber is produced from the flax plant–yes! The same plant that produces Omega-3 fatty acids. It also produced beautiful purple flowers. Imagine if that is what we passed on drives in the country?

Hemp: Also a big upcoming fiber. Many new startups have devoted themselves to solely working with this in producing jeans and jean shirts. I would love to get my hands on hemp of different weaves and weights. Plus, with changes in legislature, it is expected to find this product more commercially available.

I hope each and everyone of you reading this post will find conscious effort to restore our planet and protect mother Earth.

To understand some of the effects of deforestation, below is a video explaining images from Copernicus-Sentinel 2. It is with great respect and admiration for the scientists and engineers involved with the exploration on the frontier.

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