Product Validation

mask schematicA note from our founder:

Hello All,

It has been my pleasure to contribute to the production of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers, civilians, and the houseless. I have performed over twenty controlled experiments to attest to the validity and efficacy of my engineered triple protection face mask, which includes a 1500 microparticle, cotton filter that is non absorbant and temperature stable. Available to the general population is a three pack valued at over fifty dollars but available for $35 and ship able within the continental United States. To mitigate the shortages of elastic, it was with great conscious effort to produce a product that was true to being 100% cotton as many masks have been pictured in city streets, beaches and the ocean, affecting the natural wildlife. Orders are made in Overland Park, Kansas in limited quantities to attest to the small-batch nature of our product.

Please be conscious and morally responsible when purchasing this personal protective equipment just as you would be with all other garments.

Stay safe. Stay happy. Stay healthy.

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