Going where no Man has Gone Before

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The color of the day is Bougainvillea–be daring, be bold.

Go where no man has gone before. Christian Crawford is passionate about the advancements in science and technology–understanding where we can cut out the repetitive processes and truly innovate the way our country functions. Utilizing current technologies, hopefully our country can provide reasonably priced products to meet all of our needs.

It is particularly frightening, actually, picturing the future of E Commerce. Many companies now are using foreign manufacturers and resellers like Alibaba to wholesale products that aren’t even designed by business owners. I hope that readers of this post will be inspired to pursue exploration on the subjects that are not necessarily easy and really do require the sweat equity for innovative ideas. Our goal is always to do good and provide value to our communities.

For young individuals interested in coding and web applications, codeacademy.com has many free resources.

Stay Safe. And Shine Bright.

Check out resources for the collaborative international projects in space.


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