How to be that guy across the room–a global view.

Evoking a new type of indominable spirit–shirts by Christian Crawford. Above all the rare perception of a person like Christian Crawford who knows almost better than anyone how to keep you looking fresher, sexier, bluer, blacker, fatter, skinnier, flatter, smoother that you ever dreamed possible. He has created what he likes to think of as “a goldmine of expression”—his summer line of shirts evoking the pride of america.

Celebrate Pride 2020 with the Community

Quality in the ensuing flames of torrent

Tips on Personal Style

  1. Show your sensitivities, but invest in the local economy for the inclusion of all business partners from urban streetwear to ultra high technology to artisinal offerings? All houses are important for the vitalization of our towns and local governments. #nothrowingrocks
  2. What eating the bottom line entails–pursuits of notoriety and attracting attention. Literally. Eat it. and Shove it. Diminishing flashiness, yet providing longetivity through wear. Today is supported by discovery, implementation, and strategy. Owing to the availability of fast fashion, decisions of the past have paved for experts to combat the global issues, which have blazed tumultuously since the inception of man. Today’s representation is neither blinded, biased, nor bashful. Our fibers and construction define the encumbering future, establishing the moods for the tasks ahead.

3. Support each other in workplace, online, professionally, and at home. Inquisition through tuning in–commit to emotionally reaching out to family and loved ones to remain sensitive towards issues at home and how you can be involved in something bigger. Start a club and develop your own fan base. What we find interesting at Christian Crawford is how to transform shapes and lines to create something beautiful–how to hem cotton sateen, how to put in a zipper for a rad retro look, how to edge stitch at a collar to develop a shape. These principles combine to product the series of clothing to be available for nonexclusive purchasing direct to consumer starting this June 2020 on Christian Crawford Retail with the apple watch app Color of the Day to unveil in 2021. Watch updates in social media on instagram @chrorz •@Biavonroe @rolfs.adam @cl1ne19 and more!

What makes a shirt worth $115?


The Designer–taking out the details of the design to offer a long-lasting product that makes sense!

Compare with designer’s like Tom Ford costing up to $250!! The timeless design of my tailored dress shirt is customizable with embroideries to your style preference so that you outshine the cloth. 100% Natural Fibers so that your body can breathe throughout the day. Check out the selection of handmade in Kansas City shirts.

Fall Collection


The workshop has been in full use; however, stay tuned for upcoming closet capsule on social media to raise awareness for the sustainability of fashion. Combining silhouettes and favorite colors is part of the Christian Crawford Closet concept. I hope that for summer, we have all organized our closets to the corresponding colors of the rainbows. Fall pushes past colors and we tend to dress in neutrals–I consider red, black, white, navy and beige all neutrals. Clothes can be like cars–the value decreases as soon as you drive off the lot.

It doesn’t have to be like that

In benevolent selflessness, it is with admiration to announce a fall clothing swap #savetheworld bringing awareness towards the effects of modern day church of consumption. Save the planet one shirt at a time by making the conscious choice to preserve the garments in your closet for potential resale and rewear. Investing in quality pieces ensures that you are not in support of fast fashion. #shopyourcloset and #30wears

Enter in the sweepstakes for a chance to win an embroidered T-shirt

Stay tuned for the unveil of new styles


Men’s Clothing and Design.

Introducing a collection of 100% cotton shirts that breathe life. The products I have to unveil outrival my competitors solely for the fact that this is my handicraft and our products are made with care and consideration. I hope that my craftsmanship will accompany your next outing whether it be a date, future social event, or when you just want to feel confident. It starts with every seam.



It fits great, and feels amazing.”




Made by Yours Truly in Kansas City


Having worked both paid and as a volunteer in the Kansas City arts including W18th St Fashion show, Kansas City Fashion week, Pop Up Art Gallery, Cathy Cline, Bella Vista Studios, Hobart Jackson Studios, I have grown to redevelop my passion for color and shape. I can’t think of anything more magical than turning a straight line into a circle.

I combine my background in technical, analytical, and functional theory to the construction of my garments. I hope that I might inspire others through my community outreach in promoting scientists, laboratorians, thinkers, educators, and statesmen. It is my goal to continually explore new territory on the frontier and share that with others.



I live in Overland Park, Kansas. I graduated from Minneapolis Rural Junior/Senior High School, and I am proudly doing what I love.





Among the 100% cotton construction, Christian Crawford point collar shirts are made with standard 3-inch cuffs, providing the comfortability and wearability you can count on.




Expert Point Collars and classic shirting



Click below to find out how to secure a monochrome in trade secret fabrics that will make you the guy across the room. Well-interfaced, hand-cut collars made right in my studio will set you apart and maybe get you some attention you might not have expected.




American Pride Collection



Celebrating the uniqueness and culture of our community, Christian Crawford will be producing a collection of rainbow monochromes and prints to align with any wardrobe–actually making it easier to organize and maintain the handcrafted garments.



Drawing from the splendor of our beautiful nation–with amazing wildflowers of all colors, insects, and richness of our plains, it is beautiful to appreciate the gifts bestowed by Mother Earth.




Our Approach





Methodical Implementation

Developing a design, testing the design, and creating an efficient method so that it can be shared with all is a constant practice, including product validation… read more.


Philanthropy in the community

Disseminating the breadth of knowledge and structures in place by law makers so that we can come together to make more of a difference… read more.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

It is an important mission to promote the sustainability of this industry and products that are readily available on the market for Americans… read more.


Scientific approach

We didn’t get this far taking our resources for granted. Making sure that we utilize all the available technologies and devoting time towards empirical… read more.


Made by hardworking, American hands.



Mission and Values






Coordinate, disseminate, and appropriate means to provide and strengthen the community.




Redevelop strategies to accommodate for challenges due to changes.




Observing critically, having attention to detail, and understanding where to have the most impact.




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USA Sourced Cotton, USA made Shirts

Pre Order Available


Expect some delays with COVID-19 as supply chains have been shifting in availability. Some garment factories and fabric warehouses have been shutting their doors temporarily. However, I have secured my private stash of fabrics to work with for my closest friends. Find me on instagram @chrorz. I am making new things everyday.



The handcut yoke is embroidered and makes this cotton T-Shirt 100% Tagless. X-Long Cut. Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve, Tank Available.





Heart Embroidery is designed by me on paint and then digitized to stitch the image. Please keep small businesses running by adding to cart above.





First batch of Pride Shirts

Just have to go out NOW!


Limited Quanitities. Asking $25 for shirt. Please venmo me @Christian-Orzano or paypal at If you like these embroideries, let us know.











Summer get ready. It is hot.







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