My Talk for the Institute of International Education (iie) Christian Orzano, MLS(ASCP); alumnus University of Kansas Medical Center It was my pleasure to help inspire study abroad as we open borders and bridge between nations. For more information, please see the below link for the Benjamin Gilman Scholarship if you are excited about learning aContinue reading

Christian Crawford Boutique Open

To my Friends & Community, It is with great pleasure and salient effort to use my own two hands to produce triple protection face masks to be featured in my boutique open to the public. Cleaning is performed in the morning, and anything not taken by the end of the day will be repackaged. TheContinue reading “Christian Crawford Boutique Open”

The Road Ahead

“My Fellow American….Every citizen should take tremendous pride in the selflessness, courage and compassion of our people. America’s drive, determination, innovation and sheer willpower have conquered every previous challenge–and they will conquer this one too. Just as we have before, America will triumph yet again–and rise to new heights of greatness. We will do itContinue reading “The Road Ahead”