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Raise your fists for the Revolution has been Upon Us.

The fashion revolution is one that brings awareness to issues like labor exploitation, fair environmental practices, and safe conditions for all. Explore as Christian Crawford highlights summer style tips, ways to engage with the community during Pride, and what to look forward to in the next season.

“When you live in the city, you cannot be a xenophobe.”

–Princess Nokia

No matter your physical appearance–if you are tall, fat, skinny, blue, black, have a third ear, you are living, breathing and deserve all the love in this world to stay happy, healthy, and safe. And let the world see you! #Diversityisequality is the movement Christian Crawford feels passionate about. Awareness of different body types as well as how clothing can help us achieve desired silhouettes takes a look at hate and squashes it in its tracks. Stomp out the haters. In the words of Sean T, “If you’ve got the flavor, keep the flavor.” Naturally humans display a gamet of personas, moods, and learned talents. Showcase your look by bringing it out in the form of social media. Follow my dance moves for Pride 2020 and stomp out the haters this season.

Beauty isn’t describable. Beauty is the connotations we associate with certain traits, physical appearances, and things. Don’t get wrapped up in other’s ideas of beauty–know your own truths. I hardly use beauty to describe someone’s physical appearance. I believe true beauty is how we treat ourselves and others. Today is the day to make conscious decisions as we impact our own lives, but also the lives of our coworkers, friends, family, and people we just met off the street. Strengthen your inner character by engaging with others, be involved in the conversation, and always tune in to what surrounds you. Be beautiful. Stay beautiful–Christian Crawford

Support each other in the workplace, online, professionally, and at home. Inquisition through tuning in–commit to emotionally reaching out to family and loved ones to remain sensitive towards issues at home and how you can be involved in something bigger. Start a club and develop your own fan base. What we find interesting at Christian Crawford is how to transform shapes and lines to create something beautiful–how to hem cotton sateen, how to put in a zipper for a rad retro look, how to edge stitch at a collar to develop a shape. These principles combine to product the series of clothing to be available for nonexclusive purchasing direct to consumer starting this June 2020 on Christian Crawford Retail with the apple watch app Color of the Day to unveil in 2021. Watch updates in social media on instagram @chrorz@Biavonroe @rolfs.adam @cl1ne19 and more!

Quality in the ensuing flames of torrent

Evoking a new type of indominable spirit–shirts by Christian Crawford. Above all the rare perception of a person like Christian Crawford who knows almost better than anyone how to keep you looking fresher, sexier, bluer, blacker, fatter, skinnier, flatter, smoother that you ever dreamed possible. He has created what he likes to think of as “a goldmine of expression”—his summer line of shirts evoking the Pride of America.

Tips on Personal Style and how you can achieve the confidence of the Man Across the Room

Dress to support your confidence. Christian Crawford is just as picky as the next guy. Each and every person has their unique style and brand DNA. Put on a 100% cotton shirt, and you will understand the impact that it makes on your whole day.

The Designer–taking out the details of the design to offer a long-lasting product that makes sense! #30wears What we make actually can be worn again and again reducing the cost/wear. Also by increasing the number of wears per cotton shirt, you are being mindful to the water consumption that is used to produce natural fibers. Purchase a Christian Crawford shirt today and rest assured that you are making a conscious decision for your closet.

Compare with designer’s like Tom Ford costing up to $250!! The timeless design of my tailored dress shirt is customizable with embroideries to your style preference so that you outshine the cloth. 100% Natural Fibers so that your body can breathe throughout the day. Check out the selection of handmade in Kansas City shirts.

Made by Yours Truly in Kansas City

Having worked both paid and as a volunteer in the Kansas City arts including W18th St Fashion show, Kansas City Fashion week, Pop Up Art Gallery, Cathy Cline, Bella Vista Studios, Hobart Jackson Studios, I have grown to redevelop my passion for color and shape. I can’t think of anything more magical than turning a straight line into a circle.

I combine my background in technical, analytical, and functional theory to the construction of my garments. I hope that I might inspire others through my community outreach in promoting scientists, laboratorians, thinkers, educators, and statesmen. It is my goal to continually explore new territory on the frontier and share that with others.

I live in Overland Park, Kansas. I graduated from Minneapolis Rural Junior/Senior High School, and I am proudly doing what I love.

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Methodical Implementation

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Philanthropy in the community

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All Gear is Thoroughly Tested

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Top-notch Quality Control

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