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Where Does Clothing Come From?

From people! Clothing comes from first the desire–the consumer. Next, it comes from the creativity of the inventor to envision the marketable products. Then it comes from producer, who is also a creative! This person equips technical skill, know-how, and ability to materialize ideas. We need to make sure that all of these people appreciated and cherished.

What is Consciousness in Fashion?

  1. Source
  2. Preservation

Here is the goal, go to your closet, count the number of items, find out what they are made from and where they are manufactured. I would be ecstatic in the current and past climates if 50% of our garments are manufactured domestically with sustainable materials. Next, how are we taking care of these items?

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How I have been conscious…

It’s how I clean. I have to move one thing to another place…I have to destruct to construct. I counted 185 items in my closet over my Spring Cleaning. Actually to my surprise, 34% of the items were domestically manufactured. Also what was surprising from looking at the Care Labels, clothes are manufactured in the same factories–my YSL and St. John’s Bay shirt appeared to be made from the same fabric and had numerous other similarities.

Also, how many of your clothes are second hand–Reused? Often when clothing cannot be resold, it is shipped to another country. Places in Africa have what are known as “Clothing Traders.” When clothes are not repurposed, they get burned, but the energy is not utilized in any purposeful manner–it actually just puts more carbon dioxide in the air, which harms our planet.

I know it is hard with the demands of society, but take care of your garments and make smart, lasting decisions. My idol Nina Simone learned about clothing from her sister, and even from 1944, I think this rings true, “she had a fine taste in clothes…taught me that a single top-quality dress was better than four or five cheap ones and it was always worth sacrificing quantity for quality.”

Although the Fashion Industry has experienced much turmoil with direct to consumer, everything in every shape and color and price, we have to take the time to make smarter decisions and support the businesses that make the same choices to evoke quality. That is the intention of the clothing I make–have a greater impact with just one piece.

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