Young Designers Consortium of Kansas City

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Understanding the mission and value of successful organization for career development and career opportunities. Embrace connections, and click the link to register.

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Cost Worksheet

Inspired by local activists and entrepreneurs within the network, the costing worksheet is a guide for understanding the profitability compared to energy input, while offering a graspable experience to change culture. Whether your brand is streetwear, eveningwear, or athleisure, the hidden costs are discovered with offering a product to the consumer. Learn to aggrandize the larger picture and deliver a strategic costing method that will add to the reputability of your brand.

Resources for models

Understanding the guardrails to growth allows designers to challenge systems so that our future will promote a better informed consumer.

The life blood is the future generation. Our drive==knowing we have the coalition in place when young people in our community have the choice of experience.

Color Worksheet

Predicting the trends for the next two years and matching those with products on the market represents equal representation of the values and long-term approach of setting the tone.

Get Motivated

To inspire others, here are some of the available YDC Resources

Cost Sheet Guidance

Made available by Ms. Jennifer Lapka Pfeifer, the cost sheet in quintessential for developing a business metric for your homemade or manufactured product.

Color Worksheet

Available soon


Contact Christian Crawford to get on the schedule or come by during office hours. Expand your sewing skills and get closer to unleashing your brand.

Short Classes
  • Provides basics for at home sewing and access to Christian Crawford Manuals and Resources
Beginner Sewing
  • Features first tier plus a more indepth look at the technical construction of garments. Time slots are 1-2 hours/ four times a week
Intermediate Sewing
  • Longer classes that cover the didactic sewing portion and theory in more depth. All access.
Shirtmaking or vestmaking workshops
100/2 day
  • Workshops are six hours in length and taught by Christian Crawford. Students will have access to resources and materials and receive personalized instruction

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